Becky Kowalski

A Call For Volunteers

For my Advanced Graphic Design class we participated in UA’s “Pay it Forward” program. This program gives a class the opportunity to work and help non-profit organizations. With two other classmates of mine, we designed a volunteer brochure and display board for ACCESS Homeless Shelter.

I worked on the layout of the brochure and was the main contact person between my group and our client. As part of the “Pay it Forward” program my group gave a presentation to a panel of judges to try to win $2,000 for our client’s project. We tied for first, so ACCESS received $1,000 to use to create a promotional video that was shown at there annual fundraiser.


Client: ACCESS Homeless Shelter

Role: Designer

Technique: Brochure Layout

Medium: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop

Year: 2013