Becky Kowalski

Website Builders

I used to think that using free website builders was wrong. That a true designer would build their own websites from scratch. Well, that changed when I had to create my sorority’s chapter website. I choose a free website builder because when I am long gone someone still needs to be able to edit and update it, I’m still the only graphic design major in it. I tried to edit the basic template as much as I could to make it original. I think I did a pretty good job, check it out:

My view on website builders have also changed because of this website. Yes, I designed every aspect myself (which is pretty awesome!) but now that the design is finished all I do is update my posts. Kind of like a website builder. So what have we learned? That the idea of only having certain things editable in website design isn’t bad, it’s actually very smart because it’s easier. What’s bad about the website builder sites is the fact that the designs aren’t original. This may not matter for the women who just wants to share recipes online but for a designer it’s a no no. If you truly are a designer you will design your own website, whether it be in just html or php, it’s your own.