Becky Kowalski

Kinetic Typography

Currently, in my type 3 class we are creating kinetic typography using either Adobe After Effects or Adobe Flash. At first I was going to use After Effects because everyone said you can do more with it and that it’s just better. Well, I tired to use it BUT it’s kind of confusing when your using it for the first time. I don’t have after effects so I tried to download a 30 day free trial but it wasn’t working on my laptop, it wouldn’t even download! Plus, my teacher doesn’t really know After Effects too well, but she knows Flash…so I then decided to use Flash. I like it! It’s fun once you accomplish being able to make a piano play the song your listening to. I also feel like Flash is less confusing for me at least. I already get how to do everything now I just have to sit down and actually do it. But, once you start seeing your movie come together it’s a good feeling. I guess most designers feel that way about any project they complete. It’s cool seeing your art out there being displayed, whether it be online or the real world.