Becky Kowalski

I Won!

I just got finished with my Advanced Graphic Design class last week. It was a three week summer course and very fast paced. We were working with non-profits, which was awesome! We were put into groups and got either our first or second choice non-profit. My group had a homeless shelter specifically for women and children. The great thing about this shelter is the programs that they have to help homeless women and mothers get out of poverty and stay out. What we were doing was a design project for them AND a presentation asking for $2,000 to go to our non-profit. My group created this AWESOME brochure and display board for them. They need more volunteers and donations so we came up with a design that appealed to a younger audience in hopes that they will volunteer long-term and/or donate. They LOVED our designs I was so happy that this project was more real world then other projects I have had because they are actually using our designs!! It’s very exciting for me. Also, if you couldn’t guess from the title of this post my group won the presentation…well we actually tied with another group so they split the money. I guess my school just has really awesome designers and we make it hard to choose between us. But mostly, this post is to brag that I WON! yay!