Becky Kowalski

Apr 2 Change Typeface, Save Millions

Have you heard of the this!! A 14-year-old kid figure out that by using less ink the government can save hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s a cool really story and I love it because the solution is one of my favorite typefaces.

check out the article here


Feb 25 The Sketchbook Project

This past summer I signed up for The Sketchbook Project. Artists pay for a sketchbook to be mailed to them so that they can fill it however they wish. There are different themes for each tour. I choose “Stranger Neighbors” because I live in the college town part of Akron and see people do strange things. I filled up the entire book and even through it was a rush towards the end I am happy with it. I even used some die cuts which I had fun with. My book will be going on tour across the entire country! Here is how you can find it: #S126898 Becky Kowalski “Rubber City” Use this to search for my book at tour stops. Here is a link to ALL the tour stops for 2014 where my book will be going!

Sketchbook Project 2014

Jun 13 I Won!

I just got finished with my Advanced Graphic Design class last week. It was a three week summer course and very fast paced. We were working with non-profits, which was awesome! We were put into groups and got either our first or second choice non-profit. My group had a homeless shelter specifically for women and children. The great thing about this shelter is the programs that they have to help homeless women and mothers get out of poverty and stay out. What we were doing was a design project for them AND a presentation asking for $2,000 to go to our non-profit. My group created this AWESOME brochure and display board for them. They need more volunteers and donations so we came up with a design that appealed to a younger audience in hopes that they will volunteer long-term and/or donate. They LOVED our designs I was so happy that this project was more real world then other projects I have had because they are actually using our designs!! It’s very exciting for me. Also, if you couldn’t guess from the title of this post my group won the presentation…well we actually tied with another group so they split the money. I guess my school just has really awesome designers and we make it hard to choose between us. But mostly, this post is to brag that I WON! yay!

May 6 The coolest typeface ever!!!

I’m working on my annual report for Type 4 and I googled “chart creator in InDesign” because I need charts for the finances section and wanted to see if there was an easier way then manually creating it. I came across this typeface called “Chartwell” you input numeric values and set something to something else an BAM! You have a perfect pie chart, or bar chart, or even ring chart! It’s really cool. Here’s a website explaining all of it’s awesomeness. 

Mar 17 Swirls and such

We are halfway through the semester now. Our project currently in Type 4 is to design a history book using typefaces from certain eras. We got to choose our topic and I chose tattooing. I’m starting to get excited about it because I had a stroke of genius the other day and was carrying it out tonight. I looked at lots of tutorials about creating swirly and decorative lines in Illustrator. Not only did they teach me how to make pretty designs but it was teaching me how to use Illustrator in more sophisticated way. I was able to create other designs that the tutorial didn’t mention at all but I believe I came up with some pretty cool stuff. I will be using these in my layout for the book. I took designs from each time period and turned them into graphics. Here are some of them:

Nov 29 Kinetic Typography

Currently, in my type 3 class we are creating kinetic typography using either Adobe After Effects or Adobe Flash. At first I was going to use After Effects because everyone said you can do more with it and that it’s just better. Well, I tired to use it BUT it’s kind of confusing when your using it for the first time. I don’t have after effects so I tried to download a 30 day free trial but it wasn’t working on my laptop, it wouldn’t even download! Plus, my teacher doesn’t really know After Effects too well, but she knows Flash…so I then decided to use Flash. I like it! It’s fun once you accomplish being able to make a piano play the song your listening to. I also feel like Flash is less confusing for me at least. I already get how to do everything now I just have to sit down and actually do it. But, once you start seeing your movie come together it’s a good feeling. I guess most designers feel that way about any project they complete. It’s cool seeing your art out there being displayed, whether it be online or the real world.

Nov 15 Website Builders

I used to think that using free website builders was wrong. That a true designer would build their own websites from scratch. Well, that changed when I had to create my sorority’s chapter website. I choose a free website builder because when I am long gone someone still needs to be able to edit and update it, I’m still the only graphic design major in it. I tried to edit the basic template as much as I could to make it original. I think I did a pretty good job, check it out:

My view on website builders have also changed because of this website. Yes, I designed every aspect myself (which is pretty awesome!) but now that the design is finished all I do is update my posts. Kind of like a website builder. So what have we learned? That the idea of only having certain things editable in website design isn’t bad, it’s actually very smart because it’s easier. What’s bad about the website builder sites is the fact that the designs aren’t original. This may not matter for the women who just wants to share recipes online but for a designer it’s a no no. If you truly are a designer you will design your own website, whether it be in just html or php, it’s your own.

Nov 15 New Job

Yesterday, I started my new job at Simply Color Industries and I love it! It’s really cool being in my field outside of school. It puts things in a whole new perspective. I feel that in school you have your projects but you know that if your struggling with it or if your professor doesn’t like every aspect of it you have the opportunity to change it and not be penalized. Well, in the real world if it goes to print and the customer or your boss hates it you may have the chance to rework it or you may get the boot. That’s a little extreme but there is more pressure out there. This job is going to be good for me because it will teach me to take everything more seriously. And that if I have the option of reworking and perfecting my work I will take advantage of it because someday I might not be able to.

Oct 16 First Post!

First Blog post on my very own website! This is my website, I created it, every inch of it. Kinda cool right?

It was a struggle, php is very confusing, but here it is almost all polished up too.

Hope you enjoy what you see!